31/03/2019 12:19
SPARTANS- Why can't we play 2 halves?

Another weekend with the Spartans giving the coaches the same performance.  After a massive defeat to Beddau last weekend everyone was looking at the Spartans to come out and perform against Abergavenny, but just like last weekend the first half performance was poor or some would say "non-exsistent" from the team.  From the kick off the Spartans let the opposition walk through their defense and Abergavenny scored in the first couple of minutes, in the next 15 minutes they put another 5 tries in against the Spartans with the Spartans getting a score themsekves with Leland .....

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Newbridge Cricket @NewbridgeCC
21/04/2019 08:12:47
A reminder that Under 9s,11s,13s cricket training continues Tuesday at 6.30 pm. Be great to see new faces and keep…
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Newbridge Rugby @newbridgerfc
17/04/2019 10:43:56
Another good article here from @simonrug on our former No.10 @paulturnerrugby Nice to see he's still looking out f…


Newbridge Rugby @newbridgerfc
16/04/2019 13:09:06
@simonrug that's a good un???😂


MSG Tours @msgtours
14/04/2019 22:56:48
And the winner is.... @ISRU15s ! Well done guys, I tough day of matches but a deserved win! #BasqueTournament…
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